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Welcome Zambian Customers To Visit Our Company
May 21, 2018

On February 2nd, 2018, Four Zambian customers come to visit our company.High-quality products and comprehensive services, professional technical team, unique product formulas and good company qualifications and reputation are important reasons to attract this customer visit.

Company general manager Mr. Wang and sales manager Alex warmly welcome the arrival of Zambian customers,and arrange a detailed reception work.Accompanied by the principals of each department, Zambian customers visit the raw material area, mold area, molding area, drying area, firing area, packaging area and testing area.During the visit, we have introduced the detailed entire production process to the customers, and the advanced technology makes the customers applaud.The company's leaders and relevant staff have provided detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by customers, and they have been deeply impressed by the rich professional knowledge and professional work ability.

After the visit, the person in charge of the company detailed introduce the company's current development status and product development.


After this on-site inspection, the customers state that they see the company's overall strength and have full of confidence in the company's future development.This visit has laid a good foundation for the cooperation between the two parties and hopes to achieve mutual benefits and common development in the future cooperation projects.


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