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  • SiC Ceramic Bushing

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    SiC Ceramic Bushing

    Reaction sintered silicon carbide sic ceramic bushing is one of the most widely used refractory ceramic product.Adopting slip casting process,mature sintering technology and extraordinary finishing ability,very suitable for manufacturing oversize products with complex shapes...Read More

  • Silicon Carbide Plate Heat Exchanger

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    Silicon Carbide Plate Heat Exchanger

    Building on over 30 years of design and application expertise of single-ended recuperative technology eclipse,brings a reliable solution to the industrial heating market for high-temperature applications. The new design provides exceptional heat flux with improved temperature...Read More

  • Silicon Carbide Saggers

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    Silicon Carbide Saggers

    Sagger is a kind of bowl or box with different sizes and shapes. It is made of refractory mud and baked under a high temperature, usually used as one of the most important kiln furnitures for porcelain loading and burning. In the process of firing, the porcelains are easy to...Read More

  • SiC Thermocouple Protection Tube

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    SiC Thermocouple Protection Tube

    As a temperature sensor, the thermocouple protection tube is usually used with temperature transmitter, thermostat, temperature indicator, etc. It is called the process control system. With this system operation, the thermocouple protection tube can be used to test and...Read More

  • SiC Liners

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    SiC Liners

    SiC liners is the silicon carbide bushing pipe made of more than 95% silicon carbide raw material, water and other inorganic materials and binders. It is made into slurry first, and sintered at a high temperature of 1700℃. It is 266 times wear resistance in practical...Read More

  • Silicon Carbide Thermocouple Protection Tube

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    Silicon Carbide Thermocouple Protection Tube

    The general wall thickness of silicon carbide heat protector for thermocouples is 5-6mm (except for special requirements). An external protection tube that is used directly for thermocouples can extend the lifespan of the thermocouple and increase the recovery of even...Read More

  • Ceramic Rollers

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    Ceramic Rollers

    SiSiC ceramic rollers is the mainly damageable part that need to be replacement frequently for roller kiln,its quality directly affects the normal operation of the kiln and the yield and quality of the ceramic products. With the rapid development of the international...Read More

  • Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal

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    Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal

    Pressureless Sintered Silicon Carbide Sealing Ring Silicon carbide ceramic seal rings have a higher friction coefficient than alumina ceramics and hard alloys. Therefore, they are used for high PV values, especially when working with strong acids and alkalis. Production...Read More

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