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Silicon Carbide Parts

  • SiC Bushing

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    SiC Bushing

    Silicon carbide sic bushing is a new type of high-tech and wear-resistant material in the world. It was made of high-purity silicon carbide powder, high-purity high-temperature carbon black and binders,by pouring, blanking, sintering, and sand-removing processes,made of a...Read More

  • Silicon Carbide Wear Resistance

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    Silicon Carbide Wear Resistance

    Reaction bonded silicon carbide special shaped bushing,also called silicon carbide wear resistance bushing,it is synthesized from silicon carbide and carbon at high temperature,belongs to a kind of silicon carbide product.The silicon carbide wear resistance parts are widely...Read More

  • Cylinder Barrel

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    Cylinder Barrel

    Silicon carbide cylinder barrel,is a new type of ceramic products.Its main raw material is a first-class high-quality silicon carbide,purity is above 98.5%,and all the indicators are ideal,the bulk density is 3.02g/cm3.The mohs hardness of the silicon carbide grinding barrel...Read More

  • Grinding Machine Parts

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    Grinding Machine Parts

    Silicon carbide ceramic wear-resistant cyclone is a common separation and classification equipment with the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. It is well known as one of the grinding machine parts. The basic principle of silicon carbide ceramic cyclone is to separate...Read More

  • SiC Ceramic Bushing

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    SiC Ceramic Bushing

    Reaction sintered silicon carbide sic ceramic bushing is one of the most widely used refractory ceramic product.Adopting slip casting process,mature sintering technology and extraordinary finishing ability,very suitable for manufacturing oversize products with complex shapes...Read More

  • SiC Liners

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    SiC Liners

    SiC liners is the silicon carbide bushing pipe made of more than 95% silicon carbide raw material, water and other inorganic materials and binders. It is made into slurry first, and sintered at a high temperature of 1700℃. It is 266 times wear resistance in practical...Read More

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